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Notice to Water Users - Violation rescinded

02/04/2016 -

Notice to all water users

The Sprague Water & Sewer Authority would like to inform you that the Notice that was sent out in December 2015 regarding the Maximum Contaminant Level Violation received from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) regarding high uranium in the public water has been rescinded.

The Sprague Water & Sewer Authority had ordered new tests once we received the notification of a violation and the test results showed a uranium level below the maximum level set by the State of CT DPH.

Upon receiving the analysis results on the new samples we were informed that the prior tests from July and October were incorrectly calculated and that the high uranium levels of those tests were wrong.  This meant that the Town is and was not over the limit set by the State of CT DPH.  The State of CT DPH rescinded the Violation once they were informed.  We are seriously evaluating the use of this laboratory for future testing.

We have met with the State of Connecticut DPH and they have also taken separate samples tested by their own laboratory and their results show no violation.  All results are held in the Water & Sewer Authority office and the public is welcome to view them during normal business hours or visit the Town of Sprague website where they will be posted.

If you should have any questions, please call 860-82203000, ext. 225 and we will be glad to answer them.

Dennison Allen, Chairman

Sprague Water & Sewer Authority

For further information on this matter, go to Water & Sewer Authority on this website, Notices.