Emergency Management

The Director works for and is responsible to the municipal elected officials who set the direction, programs, and policies for emergency management in our community.


  • Prepare and maintain an emergency operations plan, following the state established format
  • Manage and mobilize the equipment and staff of the municipal Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when appropriate and as directed by the municipal elected officials
  • Attend and successfully complete all training scheduled by state
  • Survey, organize, and coordinate all municipally available manpower, materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, and services necessary for disaster emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation
  • Recommend mitigation measures to reduce disaster effects
  • Coordinate with other municipal emergency service agencies and public and private entities in achieving duties and responsibilities
  • Have current appropriate plans, procedures, guidance and laws issued by the state
  • Have knowledge of the federal and state required plans for your jurisdiction concerning emergencies at dams, mills, schools, day cares, and Shetucket Village facilities
  • Provide prompt and accurate information regarding municipal disaster emergencies to the appropriate municipal officials and as well as the general public
  • Participate in all tests, drills and exercises, including remedial drills and exercises that pertain to Sprague, as scheduled by the town, state or the Federal government
  • Participate in the integrated flood warning systems program as applicable 
  • Develop mutual aid agreements as applicable with adjacent municipalities for reciprocal emergency assistance