Public Works

Town Crew

  • Mark Benson - Foreman 
  • Tom  Girard
  • George Allen


To maintain and enhance, to the best of our ability, our community infrastructure assets which include the road network, sidewalks, roadway signs, stormwater management system, parks, land preserves, recreation fields and some of the historic structures and cemeteries in the three villages of Sprague. Immediately respond to natural and/or man-made disasters when called upon by the First Selectman to clear the roadways during and after winter snow storms, tropical storms, and hurricanes. The department strives to utilize technology, equipment, and well trained personnel to achieve our goals and objectives as we proudly serve the residents of our community.


  • Perform work in the safest manner possible.
  • Provide high quality and responsive service to the people of Sprague
  • Promote training to improve the ability of all Highway Department employees to perform their assigned duties
  • Enhance communication of our schedule with other Departments in Town and to the general public so that we can limit any disturbances our operations might cause to the community