Zoning Board Of Appeals


The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five members and two alternates elected to 5-year terms. Currently there are two vacancies for alternates on this board.


Zoning Board of Appeals is an appointed board empowered to affect Zoning Regulations in the
following instances: 
  • Enforcement of the Zoning Regulations would create exceptional hardship and deprive the owner of the property reasonable use of the land or building involved.
  • Override a decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer when an applicant feels that the Zoning Officer has made an error
  • To approve location of certain motor vehicle uses.

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Sprague Zoning Map
Town of Sprague Zoning Map effective November 4, 2009

Sprague Zoning Regulations
These amended regulations are effective February 1, 2016.


ZBA Application Fee

ZBA Application for Appeal from ZEO Decision

ZBA Application for Variance