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Selectman's Corner

March 2019

From the Desk of the First Selectman,


                         March is upon us; the very air is changing. You can feel the rush of a new season, the smells of a thawing earth. The sounds of the croaking of frogs, fawns start to show up along the countryside with not quite steady legs. Babies of all sorts can be seen, with the curiosity of a newborns. Ahh be wary as there is certain to be an anxious mom close by! Flowers are beginning to push their way through the fresh earth, nests are being built… I could not live anywhere else…


The public works crew continues to clear roadsides and push back brush. I am still hoping to have time to finish work on a trail up the river connecting Riverpark with Salt Rock Campground and some additional raised beds for the Community Garden. The rush of time!


The Town continues the work on providing the necessary paperwork to complete acceptance into TIER II. We are hosting a sub-committee meeting on March 1st at 2pm in the Town Hall. We hope to provide you with an update on if we will qualify for aid through this mechanism soon.


We have been approved for a Community Connectivity grant to put in a trail along the Shetucket River. This has been in our capital plans for five years and we are hopeful that it will open up the river for enjoyment by the community in a more robust fashion.


The Town’s Board of Finance has started the process of preparing next year’s budget in the month of March they will be speaking with the Board of Education, the Library and the Municipal side of the budget. The month of April is set aside for discussion and implementation of the budget. Please stop by to hear the proposals for the budget.


As always thanks for your support



First Selectman



Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007

The Administrative Office of The First Selectman has direct responsibility for oversight and management of the following functions:

  • Human Resources (Pay & Benefit Administration/Personnel/Labor Relations)
  • Information Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Improvements

Also has indirect oversight of Health and Emergency Medical Services.


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